Top Tips To Support Your Dog With Mobility & Joint Care.

06 January, 2018

Top tips to help support your dog with mobility and joint care.

For many, having a dog is one of the most gratifying experiences in life. The feeling of having a 4-legged friend that shows us unconditional love cannot be measured.

We want to help support our dog's health and want to see them maintain an active lifestyle even as they age. Here are some tips to help you support your dog's mobility and joint care as they age.

Give your dog frequent massages.

Give you dog effective massages by focusing on one area at the time. Gently work their spine and shoulder and then move on to buttocks by gently using your thumbs to do circular movements to work on any knots or stiffness your dog may be experiencing. Move on to the legs and paws by gently massaging the joints and tendons. Finish by massaging your dog's paws with some organic coconut oil. Massaging the paws with coconut oil will help your dog's dry paws especially during winter months.

Go for shorter more frequent walks.

As your dog ages, he/she may not have the energy to go for long walks. It's important to keep your dog active in order to support and help to maintain joint mobility. If you notice your dog slowing down, short, more frequent walks will help your dog gain a positive routine to stay active.

Give your dog supplements that come highly recommended.

Canine GOLD may be new-ish, but our sister brand EquiNutritive is not. Canine GOLD uses the same popular, BEST-selling formula from our sister brand. Canine GOLD combines the very best ingredients that nature has to offer into a delicious, easy to feed supplement.

It contains Aloe Vera, turmeric, coconut oil and Linseed oil. The oils (coconut and Linseed) provide the necessary molecules to help with the turmeric absorption.

Our clients are raving about our product, and there is a reason why! You can read what some of our customers have to say on our testimonials page. 

Here's to hoping you will enjoy these useful tips to help your dog maintain optimal mobility as they age.

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