Keep your dog active during lockdown

Keep Your Dogs Active During Lockdown

March 21, 2020

Keeping your dog active plays a vital role in supporting his/her health at the best of times. Dogs also get bored easily, so keeping them active will also keep them happy.  One of the rare blessings of our current COVID-19 environment is that many of us are staying at home and spending a lot more time with our dogs.

At Canine GOLD, we love to see happy dogs!  Here are some tips on what we can do to keep our dogs active, happy and fulfilled during this difficult time.

German Shephard Exercising

Run with your dog

Dogs love running, and it so happens that running is good for humans too! Why not take your dog running. If you run at a steady, comfortable pace, running will be enjoyable for your dog too.

If you take your dog running try to run on softer terrain at the park or a running track, avoid taking your dog running on pavement. Take frequent breaks and don’t forget water for your dog too!

Exercise is crucial for man and man's best friend alike during the lockdown, so this is a great way to spend time with your dog and keep yourselves healthy and happy.

Play Fetch

Dogs are natural born hunters; this is why they love playing fetch. Catching an object or a stick is very satisfying for dogs. Find a stick or buy a softball for your dog.  If you're lucky enough to have have a good garden, play fetch there.  Providing social distancing measures are respected, you'll be able to find somewhere safe to play fetch in a more expansive area such as a park or forest perhaps.

Play fetch with different objects such as a stick, a ball, a favorite toy, be creative and enjoy creating priceless memories! 

Take a Hike

If you are planning a hiking adventure, don't forget your fur friend. Dogs love being outdoors and enjoying fresh air just like you do. Keeping your dog active is beneficial to your dog's overall health and hiking is the perfect activity for this.

If regulations loosen, the same goes for camping.  Consider taking your adorable fur baby on a camping adventure with you? You can even take your Canine GOLD bottle with you, it's easy to pack!

We hope that you enjoyed these tips.  Check out the Dogs Trust guidance for further information.

Until next time......


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