Introducing Canine Gold to your Dog's Diet

Introducing Canine GOLD To Your Dog's Diet

January 14, 2020

First Steps with Canine GOLD

You've taken the plunge to help your dog with a natural joint supplement they will trust.  Now it's time to get it into their diet so we can see the benefits.

Introducing new foods to your dog can go one of two ways - They'll either lap it up with joy, not even thinking about the flavour as it's gobbled down their throat; or they'll suspiciously sniff it and upon realising it's something new and different, turn and walk away. 

Canine GOLD is very palatable so most dogs react by gladly eating it up in a heartbeat. However for those who question it the first time it's added to their dinner, we've provided some tips below on successfully introducing Canine GOLD to your dog's diet. 

Start With a Little:

It's true that with Canine GOLD a little does go a long way and 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon per day doesn't seem like a lot. But when 1 teaspoon of something with a strong aroma to it is added to your dinner it can make a big difference.

Think about how you try something new you haven't tasted before. You don't take a big spoonful of it - you take a small amount to taste first and then once you have an idea of what the taste is like, you go for more. Why would your dog be any different trying something brand new? Start by adding half (or less) of the daily feeding rate for your dog to their dinner and then build up over a few days. A small introduction with a gradual build up is the way to go! 

**Turmeric is a powerful spice and can upset tummies if introduced too quickly. It's important to introduce Canine Gold slowly for this reason too. Start with half the amount for your dog's weight and then build up over a period of 5-6 days.

Mix it In:

It's likely that Canine GOLD will be the last thing you add to your dog's meal before offering it to them. It's best to mix it well into the food so it's not too confronting as the first thing they see and smell on their dinner. If it's mixed in it won't be so obvious or suspicious to them and they'll be happy to eat their dinner as normal. 

Add it to a Treat:

If you ever fill a Kong (or similar toy) with peanut butter for your dog, Canine GOLD can be mixed into that as well. It's best to put no more than a teaspoon in but added to peanut butter it will be readily absorbed and won't overpower the delicious nutty flavour of PB that dogs love so much. An easy (and sneaky) way to get the Canine GOLD goodness into your dog. 

Try one (or all) of these methods with your dog and see what works best. Canine GOLD is well received by most dogs but if yours is the exception then at least one of the tips above should get your dog started on the product with relative ease.

Canine GOLD - Turmeric Joint Supplement for Dogs

This brings us to Canine GOLD.  Our product combines the renowned benefits of Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Coconut Oil and LInseed Oil to give your dog the very best that nature has to offer.   Don't just take our word for it, our testimonials and army of happy dogs speaks for itself!

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